ACTS Community Church is a non-denominational Christian Church that believes the Bible is God’s inspired Word, and that Jesus is the Savior of the world.

We believe that God created everyone with a purpose, and the first step to accomplish that purpose is to have right relationship with God through His Son Jesus Christ.

We believe that when you accept Jesus as Savior and Lord, God sends His Presence in the Person of the Holy Spirit to live in you.

The indwelling Presence of the Holy Spirit is then our source of power to live the Christian life, guidance to walk the Christian walk, and comfort to know God’s love. He is the “power to be witnesses” that Jesus promised.

Acts is committed to Christian discipleship and outreach. We seek to fulfill the great commandment – love God with all your heart, and the great commission – go into all the world and make disciples.
Acts Community Church got started back in 1990 as a new Christian church in an old church building. With the help and blessing of another Bedford County Christian Church which pastors John and Kim Bennett had been attending and serving during their ordination process, the new church was started in Bedford as Christ’s Community Church, first renting the old log church at Old Bedford Village to hold Sunday morning services.

In October of 2001, the church moved to the current location in the Bedford Plaza Shopping Center, renovating the middle section into a beautiful sanctuary with great Sunday school rooms and plenty of parking.
The name was changed to Acts Community Church to reflect a renewed sense of mission and purpose to be a church reflective of the passion and comittment of the early church you read about in the Book of Acts in the Bible. The name also reflected the continued focus on using drama and music that started at the Passion Plays conducted for 6 years while the church was at Old Bedford Village. Finally, the name fit a God given desire to reach out to the community with acts of love. Some started using the acronym – A Church That Serves to reflect this desire.

Today, the church that meets at Acts in the Bedford Plaza has:
A lively and active youth group that meets Wednesday nights at 7pm and particularly enjoys using dance and music and drama to worship and express the Gospel;
A group of anointed and committed Sunday School, Nursery, and Children’s Church teachers;
A great worship Team who lead the congregation Sunday morning’s with mostly modern praise and worship songs:
Great teaching from God’s word for adults and youth;
An informal men’s discussion group that meets each Wednesday night at 7pm at the church;
A food and clothing pantry;
Several Mission organizations which we support and often go with to countries like Cambodia, Thailand and Mexico;

But there is one thing that is missing – you.
We hope to see you one Sunday morning and that you experience God’s love.