fatherscupboardpicFather’s Cupboard

The Father’s Cupboard is a food ministry. Non-perishable food items along with paper products, soap, etc are collected and stored for the purpose of helping those in need. Several times through the year donations are made to the local food bank to ensure we are turning over our inventory. Keep the Father’s Cupboard in mind when doing grocery shopping for your own family. When you come across a great deal pick up extra for our shelves. Donations can be left on the table in the kitchen. If you have any questions about the Father’s Cupboard, please send us a message on the Contact page and select “Father’s Cupboard” in the drop down menu.


The goal of the Father’s Cupboard and the Father’s Closet is to empower the family of Acts Church with the available resources to be able to reach out and help whenever they encounter a need. These items are at your disposal to reach out in love when you come across a person or family who needs a little help. We can change the world with acts of kindness, one at a time.